New updates and improvements to SalesBlink

  1. A/B Test Email and Call Templates


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    A/B Test Email and Call Templates

    What is A/B Testing? A/B testing, also known as split testing, refers to a randomized experimentation process wherein two or more versions of a variable (email template, call script, webpage etc.) are shown to different segments of people at the same time to determine which version drives business metrics. SalesBlink lets you A/B Test templates in your campaign to optimize growth!

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  2. Separate Credentials for SMTP and IMAP


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    Now, you can set separate credentials for SMTP and IMAP, which means you can use something like Sendgrid for Outgoing while GSute for Incoming messages.

    Update Email Settings


    Option to set separated SMTP and IMAP providers

    Having IMAP (receiving email provider) and SMTP (sending email provider) separated will allow to set sending providers as sendgrid, mailjet, sendinblue, etc

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  3. Lead Capture Forms are here!

    New Feature

    Create embeddable forms for your Campaigns,

    Embed them on your website and add them to your multi-channel campaigns automagically!

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    Create Lead Capture Forms

    Create Lead Capture Forms

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  4. Review each email per prospect before sending


    Review each email per prospect before sending

    Review each email per prospect: I think this is a CRITICAL FEATURE... We're building campaigns with a lot of personalization, in some cases the data from excel to salesblink can contain errors, so it's vital we see the end result before hitting "send"...just like with a normal email you review it before sending, so why not do it when sending hundreds of emails? Some of the biggest names in the space have this, for example Lemlist...small improvements like this will make you really stand out as a product

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    Just tick the checkbox "Check Emails before Scheduling" to approve/disapprove each email manually for a campaign.

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